I’m Mª Mar García

3D artist & sculptor

This is what I can do for you

Organic modelling

Organic modelling specialist with high anatomy knowledge. Digital sculpting is used in prototyping jewelry and furniture, medical applications , toy design, etc.

Modelling for 3D printing

3D printing has infinite possibilities . Miniatures, custom figures, movie props, cosplay items, custom geek jewelry, original and unique trophies or whatever you can imagine!

3D for videogames

Low poly assets and models. Topology, UV mapping, baked and detailed textures for a good performance.

Character designing

Conceptualizing and modelling for any kind of character: cartoon, realistic, low poly, high poly and for videogames, VFX or 3D printing industry.

Portraits and customizations

You can order your own photobook, commission a portrait in oil, or, if you are more modern and geek, order a 3D custom model. Miniaturize yourself, choose Lego style, or maybe your face on Barbie, GI Joe or on your favorite superhero.

3D packaging

Professional quality modelling, texturing and rendering. Realistic models and visualization.

You like what you see?

That’s what I can bring to your team

All-in-one design

2018 M. Mar García ~ Artista 3D